Anthony and Sandy Bauer
PO Box 237
Mineral IL 61344
Bauer Custom Meats
Bauer Custom Meats offers a variety of natural,
pasture-raised meats for sale.  We value an animal raised in
a clean environment, as well as in a respectful and humane
manner.  Our animals are allowed to live similarly as they
would in nature, not crowded in feedlots and fed unnaturally
high levels of grains and concentrates.

We are dedicated to principles which sustain and enrich our
environment.  We believe in supporting local products,
businesses and family farms.

Our animals are:
Never fed antibiotics
Never fed growth hormones
Never implanted with hormones
Fall 2010

We are
sold out of beef, lamb and pork for this fall.  We
are currently taking orders for spring/summer 2011

We do have chickens available for this fall, please
reserve the number you want before they are sold out.

We do offer beef sample packages and will have some
available late this fall.

NEW PRODUCT!!!  We now have Yarn available from our
Targhee sheep.  These sheep are known for their fine
wool which is high in lanolin, producing some of the
softest wool found in the U.S.  Our Lopi and Yarns are the
natural white wool color, we do not use dyes, following
organic ideals from birth to skein, to give you a totally
chemical free product. Go to "Links" button and click on
Carefree Coyote for more information or email us at